By Jim Golding 

As Geneva Rock Products celebrates 60 years in 2014, I am honored to be president of this incredible company. I am proud to say I’ve been a Geneva Rock Products man for half of the company’s existence. 

In that time, I’ve discovered three key components of our company’s continual success, decade after decade — great leaders, a great foundation and great employees. 


I’m a believer in the Proverb, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” 

Geneva Rock Products’ success should first be attributed to the visionary men and women who came before. Wilford W. Clyde put us on the map and leaders since have grown this organization into what it is today. 

Al Schellenberg, former president of Geneva Rock Products, once told me, “When someone breaches my trust, it is difficult to have confidence in that per- son again.” 

Maintaining trust with our partners, employees and other stakeholders has been — and continues to be — a top priority. 

Above all, the leaders have made their marks by making good choices where they matter most — in people, relationships and building for the future. 


Perhaps it isn’t a coincidence that our company has remained true to its founding principles and poured more Utah foundations than any other company

It is our core values that have shaped our business for the past 60 years. The principles we stand by ensure customers receive the quality they deserve. An organization’s true colors are shown when concerns arise that test the nature of its corporate character. 

On a recent job for a key partner, it was discovered our concrete possibly did not meet specifications. We didn’t wait for standard fault-finding procedures to take place before replacing the concrete. Why? Because, our word is our bond and always has been. We always give a full measure and provide quality products and services


Our products are made from the finest materials, just as our organization is made up of the finest people. 

I am impressed with the skill- sets and integrity of our employees. I value the wonderful men and women whose time and energy provide quality products and services

I’m humbled by the number of retiring employees who have dedicated their careers to Geneva Rock Products

Our employees are the future of our organization — and what a great future we have. As we celebrate our 60th year of operations, I aim to continue the legacy of Geneva Rock Products by building the leaders of tomorrow. 

I wish to thank the many employees, customers, organizations and community members who partner with us to build a better community.