Even though Brandon Albrecht has only been with Geneva Rock for eight years, he’s known about the company’s reputation for much longer. 

“My brother worked for the company,” Brandon said. “I had always heard great things and knew that there were phenomenal benefits here. I was convinced before I even started that it was a very appealing company to work for.” 

Because Geneva Rock is a part of Clyde Companies, one of the largest privately held and primarily family-owned businesses in the state, a culture is prevalent where family members aren’t afraid to work together. However, Brandon didn’t think he’d be able to join his brother working at Geneva Rock so quickly.  

“I got my commercial driver’s license (CDL), but I didn’t think they would hire me until I had two years of driving experience,” Brandon said. “I ended up applying anyway and got the job.” 

Brandon looked to Geneva Rock after deciding to pursue a career change. He had reached the limits of his area of expertise where he was working and wanted to continue to challenge himself.  

“Once I reached the top of where I was at, I decided to try something new,” Brandon said. “I thought that I’d give driving a shot. I had intended to get on at Geneva Rock one day, but I didn’t think the opportunity would come so quickly.” 

When he was first hired, Brandon began as a mixer driver at the Point of the Mountain plant. Eventually, he worked his way into a new position as a field supervisor before promoted last September to Delivery and Customer Service Manager. 

“I like being challenged with something new,” Brandon said. “I like seeing the direction that the company’s going. It’s good to be a part of the implementation process to see how morale and the culture changes. The work is ever changing. There’s no two days that are exactly the same. Every day is completely different, and that’s what’s really exciting to me.” 

Brandon likes to have a positive attitude and that mentality has helped the crews he works with stay focused. 

“I don’t have to be perfect today,” Brandon said. “I just have to do better tomorrow than yesterday. That’s my mentality. I don’t claim to be the best today, but tomorrow I’m going to come in and work harder to improve. I have that mindset that I’m on a continuous learning curve. I’ve only been in my current role for about a year, so there’s certainly room for improvement. I strive for perfection, and I expect that out of my crew as well. I like to lead by example. You can only do that after you’ve earned everybody’s respect and trust.” 

With a positive attitude always at the forefront of his mind, Brandon hopes to continue to grow and help others progress as well. 

“What I always tell folks is don’t be afraid to take that first step and put in hard work,” Brandon said. “Don’t be afraid to take that leap. What are you willing to do to set yourself apart from the next guy? Are you willing to show up and put in the work? 

“My goal and what I encourage others to do is to be so good they can’t ignore us. I’m having an absolute blast with the new direction of the concrete division, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the company can take me.” 

Brandon Albrecht