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We Value People: Curtis Hartey

Curtis Hartey has dedicated 27 years of his life to working as a mixer driver at Geneva Rock, maintaining his initial passion and enthusiasm throughout his career.  “It’s just a good company to work for, and you can make a decent living doing it,” Curtis said. “I can’t complain about [...]

We Value People: Scott Carter

Scott Carter, a Journeyman Mechanic at Geneva Rock, has carved a niche for himself in machinery maintenance and repair. With a knack for welding, Scott has been instrumental in keeping the wheels turning, quite literally, at the Murray location.  A Mechanic’s Journey  The term journeyman mechanic implies a level of [...]

We Value People: Kirk Peterson

Kirk Peterson has been a member of the Geneva Rock family for 33 years. As a delivery and customer service (DCS) manager, Kirk helps lead work in the Davis, Weber, and Box Elder market.  Journey to Becoming a DCS Manager  “I take great pride in taking care of our drivers [...]

We Value People: Lacee Jepperson

With a legacy deeply intertwined with Geneva Rock, Lacee Jepperson has left a mark on Utah’s landscape. Geneva Rock stands tall thanks to generations of her family who have injected their passion and know-how into the business.  Generational Expertise  “My family has been at Geneva Rock for three generations,” Lacee [...]

We Value People: Justin Reece

Justin Reece has deep roots in the concrete industry. His father’s involvement in the business influenced him from an early age, and he found himself naturally gravitating towards the field. From Cleaner to Customer Base Builder “I’ve been involved in the concrete industry pretty much all my life,” Justin said. [...]

We Value People: Shawni Clayton & DeDe Child

Shawni Clayton and DeDe Child have each taken unique paths to their roles at Geneva Rock. For the two sisters, the company has been more than just a workplace—it’s been the home of a stable, family environment.  A Lifelong Journey of Growth for Shawni  “Our dad worked for the company,” [...]

We Value People: Tami Maxfield

In a thriving field like the construction industry, Tami Maxfield stands out for her exceptional contributions and long-time dedication to Geneva Rock.  “I love what I do, and there’s no better company to do it for than Geneva Rock,” Tami said. “They are the best at what they do, and [...]

We Value People: Zac Rider

Zac Rider’s years of experience in the construction industry have made him a master of his craft. Currently a Quality Control Field Tech at Geneva Rock, he is the go-to guy for anything related to quality control in Utah County. His love for his job is evident in the way [...]

We Value People: Franklin Aragundi

A native of Ecuador, Franklin Aragundi had no idea what he wanted to end up doing in life before he moved to the United States.  “Honestly, my mentality growing up was one of just hoping to make it to the age of 18,” Franklin said. “There’s so much violence there. [...]

We Value People: Amber Haslam

It’s not every day that someone can say they’ve been with the same company for over 17 years. But Amber Haslam, an administrative assistant at Geneva Rock, can proudly make that claim. In fact, for Amber, Geneva Rock is more than just a job—it’s a family legacy.  “I’ve been around [...]

We Value People: Bryan Bailey

It’s not often that childhood friends become reacquainted as coworkers decades later, but that’s exactly what happened when Bryan Bailey rekindled his friendship with Robyn Gardner.  “Bryan lived across the street from me growing up,” Robyn said. “After high school, we all went our separate ways. I went to college [...]

We Value People: Mindy Bona

Mindy Bona knew early on that she wanted to begin a career at Geneva Rock. Her time with the company has now spanned more than two decades.  “My cousin Corey worked here as an administrative assistant, and she kept telling me that it was such a great company to work [...]