Kirk Peterson has been a member of the Geneva Rock family for 33 years. As a delivery and customer service (DCS) manager, Kirk helps lead work in the Davis, Weber, and Box Elder market. 

Journey to Becoming a DCS Manager 

“I take great pride in taking care of our drivers and building strong relationships with our customers,” Kirk said. “I want to continue building those relationships as best I can. It’s about creating and maintaining a culture of care.” 

Kirk’s people skills have helped him develop those relationships and advance in his career. Starting as a mixer driver and later becoming a quality control technician, Kirk has experience in multiple areas of the industry. 

“One of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced throughout my career has been balancing the demanding hours of work with family life,” Kirk said. “But being part of Geneva Rock has been worth it.” 

Balancing Work and Family 

Kirk entered the construction industry as a means to support his loved ones. Little did he know that this decision would shape his life for the next three decades. 

“I didn’t have a college degree,” Kirk said. “So, I had to go the extra mile to prove myself. Luckily, Geneva Rock has been a place of growth and opportunity—you can’t say that’s the case everywhere you work.” 

Leadership Acknowledgments 

Area Manager Brandon Pace has personally witnessed Kirk excel in whatever has come his way. 

“Kirk has been an integral part of our team,” Brandon said. “Throughout his career, he has displayed remarkable leadership qualities and a unique ability to analyze differing perspectives. 

“He has successfully transitioned from role to role, excelling in managing and organizing job sites. This experience has shaped him into the outstanding leader he is today. He continues to lead with integrity and always provides support to those around him.” 

Vision for the Future 

Looking ahead to the future, Kirk’s vision is clear. He aspires to help create a safer work environment for his team, where accidents and injuries happen less and less. 

Kirk will always be grateful for the opportunities he’s been given at Geneva Rock. He knows that he and his family will always be taken care of here, which speaks volumes about the company culture. 

“Geneva Rock has always been a reliable employer,” Kirk said. “I’ve never had to worry about getting my paycheck. They have treated me well and provided for my family, and I’ve never had any major concerns here.”