Mindy Bona knew early on that she wanted to begin a career at Geneva Rock. Her time with the company has now spanned more than two decades. 

“My cousin Corey worked here as an administrative assistant, and she kept telling me that it was such a great company to work for,” Mindy said. “I was trying really hard to get my foot in the door. When I first started, they weren’t hiring full-time, so I took on a part-time role.” 

Shortly after, a full-time role in her department opened, and she continued to grow from there. Mindy currently works as a lead scale operator where she’s challenged each and every day. 

“I love that you’re always learning things here,” Mindy said. “I don’t think that a lot of people really understand the importance of what we do and how it impacts the community—the homes that we live in and the streets that we drive on. I love being a part of that.” 

Mindy has been a part of the company for 21 years now. She’s been able to contribute in substantial ways throughout her career, including with the creation of an asphalt tracking program that is still in use today. 

“There were times when we could see that some of the rocks we measured weren’t colored correctly,” Mindy said. “I started bringing that to the lab’s attention and began tracking on a spreadsheet when I would see those. We started to realize that anytime we switched from silo to silo, there would be more segregation. My tracking sheet helped us identify the problem and create a solution to fix it. I’m really proud of that.” 

“We Continuously Improve” is a company value that Mindy has taken to heart. She firmly believes that Geneva Rock is the best place to work within the industry in the state of Utah. 

“If this is your industry, there’s not a better place you could possibly do it,” Mindy said. “I love that I’m given opportunities to work with some of the best people and that I have chances to help build up a team and to help them become better people.” 

In fact, “We Value People” is another company value exemplified in everything Geneva Rock does. 

“Geneva Rock truly cares about its people,” Mindy said. “When I first started, Al Schellenberg, who was the president at the time, often came by. He knew me by name and always told me thanks for the great job that I was doing. That still happens today with the current president, Jay Ritchie. Knowing that upper management comes out and checks in on us and really does care is important.” 

Throughout the years, Mindy has seen firsthand how her employer has helped not only her and her family, but her community at large. Geneva Rock is committed to help in Building a Better Community. 

“This is the best place I have ever worked,” Mindy said. “It has provided a great life. We have some really great benefits here. Geneva Rock really does a lot for my community, and I’m very proud to work here. I would recommend Geneva Rock to anyone. There’s so much more than just dirt and rocks to this business.”