As father and son, Robert & Tyler Manookin have valued being able to work together at Geneva Rock. Even though they don’t work directly with each other anymore after Tyler transferred departments last year, they still cherish the opportunities that they’ve had working for the same employer. 

“I have really enjoyed working with my son because he listened to me and was willing to learn,” Robert said. “He probably didn’t enjoy it as much as me because I was a little harder on him than I was on my other workers. I just expected more out of him.” 

“In the long run, how my dad managed me was a good thing because I also got to learn how to work firsthand directly from him, and I had lots of opportunities to train on new things,” Tyler said. “I’m glad I had that chance to become a little closer to my dad.” 

The Manookin family has been in the construction industry for a while. Tyler’s grandfather introduced them to business while working in purchasing at Geneva Rock. Tyler knew early on that this was something that he wanted to do. 

“When I was young, I helped my dad on jobs wherever I could,” Tyler said. “I’ve always been good at it. I was raised on a farm, so I already knew how to operate a lot of the equipment. Just watching my dad work and seeing the satisfaction he’d get from completing jobs made me want to follow in his footsteps.”  

“I never wanted my sons to go into construction, but they both, Tyler and my other son, found their way into it,” Robert said. “I’m at least glad that Tyler came to work at Geneva Rock. It’s a really good company to work for. They pay their employees, they’re fair to them, and they give us opportunities to progress.” 

One of Geneva Rock’s core values is “We Value People,” and that value is shown in every aspect of employment. Geneva Rock emphasizes the importance of long-term goals, professional development, and educational opportunities to help build better careers

“I like the construction industry and the work Geneva Rock does,” Tyler said. “There’s a vast amount of people that work here. There’s something you can learn from everybody. I’ve learned there’s not just one way to do something. So many people are willing to help you out. I’ve made a lot of good friends here.” 

Both Robert and Tyler are satisfied with the work they perform and the difference they make in Building a Better Community

“I enjoy seeing what we accomplish every day on the job,” Robert said. “It’s nice to see the finished product when everything’s complete. I’ve had a lot of different job offers from various companies through the years. But I enjoy this job so much that I’ve never seriously considered them.” 

“I’m happy here at Geneva Rock,” Tyler said. “I’d love to stay here for as long as I can, moving up the ladder whenever I can. I’ve already been here for five years and have had opportunities to advance. I don’t see that changing any time soon. I’m just thankful for all the opportunities that I’ve been given here throughout the years.”