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Supplying Asphalt to All of Utah

Geneva Rock has been delivering quality hot mix asphalt (HMA) products to Utah communities for over 39 years. We currently own and operate two HMA plants, located in Orem and Draper, with production capacities of more than 400 tons per hour per plant.

Our hot mix asphalt contains 100 percent crushed quartzite products from our state of the art crusher at the Point of the Mountain plant in Draper. Quartzite is a compact, hard, granular rock unique to our operation.

Each aggregate stockpile is monitored by our quality control team to ensure correct gradation. In fact, every individual asphalt mix goes through a rigorous quality control analysis before it leaves our plant.

In addition to providing asphalt for Utah contractors, we also provide asphalt paving services. With the right asphalt materials and the right paving expertise, we’ll make your project a huge success.

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Hot Mix

Our advanced onsite storage capacity allows us to store large amounts of hot mix asphalt. This means we can provide bulk quantities for any Utah construction job.

We are able to produce a variety of mixes based upon the type of specification required. The most common mixes we produce are custom based mixes which are accepted by most cities in Utah. We also produce UDOT specified products upon request.

We make sure everything is quality – from making the asphalt material itself at the plant, to delivering it to the site, to working with your contractors on the project. We make asphalt easy for Utah.

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Geneva Rock SurePatch is a modified asphatic concrete mixture using Geneva Rock selected crushed aggregate and additives. Geneva Rock SurePatch can be stock piled year-round and utilized for long-lasting patching of asphalt and concrete streets and highways. Stockpiles can be left uncovered through the year without any appreciable loss in workability or cohesiveness.

Customer Ordering Policy:

Orders placed at least a day in advance help Geneva Rock determine proper asphalt mix designs, time for start-up, and coordination of any scale and trucking personnel as necessary. Orders placed by 3:00 PM the day before paving, if approved, will be guaranteed assuming no unforeseen events occur.

While Geneva Rock will make its best efforts to be available to provide quality asphalt material at your requested time, orders placed after 3:00 PM the day before paving, or on the day of paving, cannot be guaranteed. Availability of material will be determined at the time of order.

How to Order Asphalt:

1. Orders over 200 tons, please contact:

Waylund Ludlow, Asphalt Area Manager

Phone: (801) 281-7969

Email: wludlow@genevarock.com

2. Orders under 200 tons, please contact the scale houses directly:

Orem Scale House: (801) 765-7866

Point of the Mountain (POM) Scale House: (801) 765-7962

3. If you have questions or are unable to contact the sources listed above, please contact:

Daniel Mathews, Asphalt Field Engineer

Phone: (801) 420-2573

Email: danmatthews@genevarock.com

Need a Bid? If you need bid placement, call Construction directly:

  • North (Davis/Weber/Morgan Counties): Kathy Green (801) 743-7731
  • Central (Salt Lake County): Amanda Walk (801) 743-7706
  • South (Utah/Wasatch Counties): Amanda Clyde (801) 765-7831
  • Pavement Preservation and Concrete Paving: Marilyn Tipton (801) 765-7800

Contact Us to Learn More (801) 281-7950

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