Customer Ordering Policy:

If you need bid placement, call Construction directly:

  • North (Davis/Weber/Morgan Counties):  Kathy Green (801)-743-7731
  • Central (Salt Lake County):  Amanda Walk (801)-743-7706
  • South (Utah/Wasatch Counties):  Amanda Clyde (801)-765-7831
  • Pavement Preservation and Concrete Paving:  Marilyn Tipton (801)-765-7800

This policy is focused on where and how to place asphalt orders. Asphalt orders placed the day before paving by 3:00 PM, if approved, will be guaranteed assuming no unforeseen events occur. Orders placed the day before paving help determine proper asphalt mix designs, what time the plant will need to startup, and any scale and trucking personnel required if the concrete bins are to be used to store material.

Geneva Rock will always try to provide the best service and will do whatever we can to be available to make you a quality material. However, asphalt orders that are placed after 3:00 PM the day before paving, or the day of paving, cannot be guaranteed and will be determined at the time of the order if the material can be made.

How to order asphalt:

  1. Orders over 200 tons, please contact our Asphalt Area Manager, Waylund Ludlow. (phone: (801)-281-7969, email:
    a.  Orem Scale House: (801)-765-7866
    b.  Point of the Mountain (POM) Scale House: (801)-765-7962
  2. Asphalt orders under 200 tons, please contact the scales directly (see phone numbers below).  They will be able to contact the personnel necessary to let you know if your order can be produced.
  3. If you cannot reach anyone or have any questions, please contact our Asphalt Field Engineer, Daniel Matthews.  (phone: (801)-420-2573,


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