Geneva Rock plays an active role in the community

We are proud to give back through construction products and equipment usage donations, as well as the volunteered time of our employees. Geneva Rock owes much of its heritage to the communities of Utah and takes the opportunities to return the favor to residents throughout the state each year. Below are just a few examples of community service projects Geneva Rock has participated in as community builders.

Epic Ski Challenge
Epic Ski Challenge

In early 2015, Geneva Rock Products participated in the Epic Ski Challenge — one of the greatest charity competitions on earth — and raise thousands of dollars for friends at the Mali-heh Free Clinic, a Salt Lake City nonprofit providing free medical care to uninsured families and low-income individuals. The Epic Ski Challenge is a […]

Officer Johnson, Draper City Police, Fallen Officer
Geneva Rock Honors Family of Fallen Draper Police Officer

Police, firefighters, EMTs and various other public safety units who protect our communities are a valuable asset to our great state. We recognize the sacrifice and dedication of each of these individuals and their families when it comes to saving lives, preventing injuries and making our community a safer place to be. In an effort to recognize […]

Maple Dell Service, Geneva Rock Service, 60 Acts of Service
60 Acts of Service

Geneva Rock Products is more than just engineers, project managers, truck operators and highly skilled professionals. Our employees are proud to be builders, mentors, volunteers, laborers, tutors and so much more, as we use our talents and skills to better the world we in. Whether it’s sponsoring local high school athletic teams, collecting food and clothing for the less fortunate or racing for a cure, we’re committed […]