Geneva Rock plays an active role in the community

We are proud to give back through construction products and equipment usage donations, as well as the volunteered time of our employees. Geneva Rock owes much of its heritage to the communities of Utah and takes the opportunities to return the favor to residents throughout the state each year. A legacy of giving back exists among employees of Geneva Rock who consistently serve on boards, city councils, and other community causes. We believe in the alignment of donations to executive priorities and community causes where we currently do business, and in support of key employees, customers, and stakeholders.

We invest heavily in educational institutions across Utah to provide opportunities for members of the community and to help us build a vibrant, prepared workforce. Education is a vital part of building a better community, and we contribute to that effort through curriculum development, training, internships, scholarships, and more.

Below are just a few examples of community service projects Geneva Rock has participated in as community builders.