Curtis Hartey has dedicated 27 years of his life to working as a mixer driver at Geneva Rock, maintaining his initial passion and enthusiasm throughout his career. 

“It’s just a good company to work for, and you can make a decent living doing it,” Curtis said. “I can’t complain about much of anything. Geneva Rock really is full of great people. They have quality equipment and are constantly being innovative. It’s made it really nice for the drivers.” 

A Family Affair 

Curtis represents a longstanding tradition at Geneva Rock, with multiple generations of his family contributing to the company’s success. His sons, Kyle and Nick, are the latest to lend their talents to the company

“We’re up to the 4th generation of mixer drivers with my sons,” Curtis said. “I have three sons and two of them work for the company. My youngest was the first CDL graduate when Geneva Rock started its CDL training program. They’re all great workers.” 

Geneva Rock’s core values resonate deeply with Curtis and his family, especially the emphasis on valuing people. 

“In the last four or five years, I can really see a change in the company, where they’ve shown more commitment to the people that work here,” Curtis said. “I like the direction they’ve taken with that. It’s been great to see that commitment to my sons as well.” 

Mastering the Mix 

For Curtis, the mixer driver role presents different challenges every day that he finds rewarding. 

“One of the reasons I like the job so much is because it does challenge you,” Curtis said. “When you’re tested and still able to finish the job, it gives you a really good feeling of accomplishment. I think that’s what I like best about my work. I love doing well for the customers, getting trucks in and out of places where some people wouldn’t think you could go.” 

Because of his excellent track record with customers and fellow team members, Curtis was chosen to help train new mixer drivers in the North area. He relishes the opportunity to share his knowledge. 

“I try to relay to them the challenges of starting out in this business,” Curtis said. “I tell them to hang on and their seniority will build. Things will get better year after year, and they’ll be happy they stayed and stuck it out in this business with Geneva Rock. I love showing them the tools that it takes to do the job. It’s very rewarding for me.” 

Jeffrey Wirth, a fellow mixer driver at Geneva Rock, believes Curtis goes above and beyond helping other drivers and making an impact with the next generation. 

“He’s always helpful,” Jeffrey said. “He has so much experience and is always lending a helping hand and showing others what he’s learned through the years. He is committed to his job and to the people here. He wants to make an impact and embodies Geneva Rock’s values really well.” 

The Path Ahead 

Curtis looks forward to continuing his journey with Geneva Rock, cherishing the path his career has taken him. 

“I’m proud of where I am today,” Curtis said. “I love driving and pouring concrete—I love my job. Training new drivers and pointing them in the right direction gives me a high level of satisfaction. There are development opportunities for everyone here, and I would encourage anyone to give the company I shot. They won’t regret it.”