It’s no secret that supply chain challenges have touched every corner of our industry in recent years. The impacts from the pandemic still affect us in many ways as well as major facility breakdowns with key suppliers. At Geneva Rock, we’ve worked hard to respond in a way that doesn’t affect our greatest asset—you, our customers.

In the face of materials shortages, our team has been able to adapt. On the cement side, we secured a long-term agreement with an out-of-state supplier to help us maintain a steady supply along with our current suppliers. This ensures that our projects continue without interruption.

Additionally, we’re working towards complete vertical integration in our supply chain to increase reliability and control, helping us be prepared for any future disruptions.

Each project we undertake shows the trust you place in us—a trust we strive to honor with commitment and consistent results. Thank you for choosing Geneva Rock. We value your business and are dedicated to continuing to serve all your needs, no matter the challenges ahead.

By Jay Ritchie