The stories that historic landmarks tell often run deep, connecting us with our roots while painting a vivid picture of the past. Such is the tale of a historic kiln in Morgan City, standing on Geneva Rock’s property. This kiln has witnessed the passage of over 100 years, during which it melted limestone that would be used in historic structures throughout the valley, including the temple in downtown Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, it was recently discovered to be in a state of collapse. But at Geneva Rock, we believe in preserving and cherishing the legacy of our forebearers. So, we worked to preserve history in the only way we could. 

“Every brick in this kiln has a story, much like the memories we build with our families,” said Jay Ritchie, President of Geneva Rock. “It’s our duty and privilege to keep this story alive for generations to come.” 

A Commitment Beyond Construction 

Geneva Rock isn’t just another company; it is a part of the Clyde Companies family, a name nearly a century old and synonymous with trust, legacy, and dedication. Both Geneva Rock and Clyde Companies have always held the values of preserving and understanding our history close to their hearts. The crumbling kiln wasn’t seen as just a structure but as a bridge to the past, which needed to be conserved. 

To understand the significance of the kiln and the man behind its creation, Daniel Williams, Geneva Rock commissioned a professional historian to tell his tale and that of the kiln in the creation of a historical report. A plaque was also donated and placed in a ceremony close to Daniel Williams’ grave. It is surrounded by original bricks from the kiln that had withstood the test of time. 

A Day of Remembrance 

To commemorate the rich history and the unveiling of the memorial plaque, Geneva Rock hosted a special event at the South Morgan City Cemetery. Over 50 descendants across four generations attended the ceremony to honor their forefather, Daniel Williams. Geneva Rock President Jay Ritchie, along with Ann Porter, the Williams family genealogist, and Mayor Steve Gale of Morgan City, graced the occasion with their insights. 

Every attendant received a special commemorative gift: the bound historical report from the historian and 3D models of the kiln. Through a detailed 3-D LiDAR scan, the kiln was brought to life and transformed into a 3D printable file. To further enrich the local community’s history, extra reports and models were generously donated to the Morgan Historical Society. 

Geneva Rock’s commitment to preserving history and creating a bridge between the past, present, and future is evident in every action taken regarding the Morgan City kiln. We proudly stand by our values and extend our gratitude to every individual who contributed to making this tribute possible.