Justin Reece has deep roots in the concrete industry. His father’s involvement in the business influenced him from an early age, and he found himself naturally gravitating towards the field.

From Cleaner to Customer Base Builder

“I’ve been involved in the concrete industry pretty much all my life,” Justin said. “My first job was with a company called Consolidated Ready Mix, where I cleaned bathrooms and offices. From there, I worked at Westroc, doing various tasks like building batch plants, batching, and running loaders and mixers.”

Driven by a desire to carve his own path, Justin joined Geneva Rock in 2000. Starting as a dispatcher, he played a pivotal role in establishing the Tooele market, which started without any customers.

“We built a good customer base from scratch,” Justin said. “I even did cold calls while dispatching because getting customers was the top priority.”

Building Relationships and Recognition

Over the years, Justin’s has earned recognition and promotions within Geneva Rock thanks to his dedication. He currently serves as the Delivery and Customer Service Manager and Salesman for the Tooele County market and has become highly effective in his role.

“I’ve always loved sales and the relationship-building aspect,” Justin said. “My customers are like friends, and that makes it a truly pleasant environment.”

Area Manager Brandon Pace has seen firsthand how much he values relationships, both internally and externally.

“Justin is a true jack-of-all-trades and master of all,” Brandon said. “He brings a well-rounded skillset to our team and excels in every aspect of his role. Despite occasionally not having additional resources or personnel, he consistently delivers success and is the go-to person for everyone on just about anything. I truly appreciate his class and dedication to his work.”

Keeping Team Members Safe Above All Else

Justin loves the satisfaction he feels by taking care of his team members with stable careers and a safe job environment.

“Knowing that I’m taking part in supporting my team members in this community is the most rewarding part for me,” Justin said. “I think our well-being is so important and keeping that in check while going home safe to family members each day is our number one goal. Our area recently achieved an impressive milestone of an accident-free year, which I was pleased to see.”

Leaving a Legacy Filled with Gratitude

Justin is grateful for the impact Geneva Rock has had on his career.

“Geneva Rock took a chance on me all those years ago, even though my family was involved with a competitor,” Justin said. “They’ve treated me well throughout the years and trusted me to take ownership of my work. I am very loyal to Geneva Rock.”

Justin’s primary goal is to continue building the Tooele market while creating more opportunities for his team members. He aspires to make his area even more profitable and successful. Combined with his sales acumen, Justin has positioned himself to continue being a driving force in the industry.