With a legacy deeply intertwined with Geneva Rock, Lacee Jepperson has left a mark on Utah’s landscape. Geneva Rock stands tall thanks to generations of her family who have injected their passion and know-how into the business. 

Generational Expertise 

“My family has been at Geneva Rock for three generations,” Lacee said. “My grandpa used to run the Orem Hot Plant, and now I run the scale house there. My dad retired from Geneva Rock, and before he retired, he was the foreman of an asphalt crew.” 

While a career in the construction industry might not have initially been on Lacee’s radar, it was her father’s encouragement that set her on this path. 

“My dad let me know they were hiring, and he motivated me to apply,” Lacee said. “Little did I know that this decision would pave the way for a 14-year career at this company. I’ve loved every minute of it.” 

Family Within a Family 

Geneva Rock is more than a workplace for Lacee; it’s a tight-knit family that sometimes connects with her actual family. 

“I love the people I work with,” Lacee said. “You spend so much time with them; you really get to know a lot about them. At times, I get to work with my actual brother. We talk on the phone when he’s hauling asphalt out of here. It’s nice to be able to talk with him and work alongside him.” 

In fact, Lacee fondly remembers a significant asphalt job she undertook with her brother. 

“Sheep Creek was one of our bigger projects, and it just turned out really well,” Lacee said. “It was a great feeling, working with family on something big like that. I’ve had the chance to work on so many big projects here. Utah is one of the fastest-growing states, and construction is everywhere. It’s exciting to be a part of this growth and to see projects that will last for a long time.” 

Going Above and Beyond 

Asphalt Plants Foreman Jayme Anderson says that Lacee has consistently delivered outstanding results on the projects she’s been involved in. 

“Lacee does a fantastic job as a scale person,” Jayme said. “She really takes the time to make sure all of our needs are met and that we have everything we need when we need it. She goes above and beyond.” 

Part of the reason Jayme sees Lacee this way is because of her adherence to Geneva Rock’s core values, including “We Continuously Improve.” 

“I feel like we’re always making changes around here—which is good,” Lacee said. “Change is good. Technology has really advanced, and it has affected our work positively. For example, now we can track our trucks in real-time, something that wasn’t possible when I started.” 

With each passing day, Lacee contributes to the legacy of her family here. She strives to “Build Better” because she knows nobody does it better than Geneva Rock.