It’s not every day that someone can say they’ve been with the same company for over 17 years. But Amber Haslam, an administrative assistant at Geneva Rock, can proudly make that claim. In fact, for Amber, Geneva Rock is more than just a job—it’s a family legacy. 

“I’ve been around it forever,” Amber said. “My dad actually started working here when I was little.” 

Growing up around the company, Amber always knew she wanted to work at Geneva Rock. And when she moved back to Utah at the age of 19, she wasted no time in pursuing that dream. 

“I wanted to work here because I knew they treated people well and they pay well,” Amber said. “It took a few different postings before I found one that fit me, but I’ve loved it ever since.” 

Over the years, Amber has worn many hats at Geneva Rock. She started out in the concrete division, working in production and inventory, before moving on to data entry and eventually becoming an administrative assistant. She’s worked under several different vice presidents and is now in the construction division. 

“I’ve enjoyed learning bits of every part of what we do as a company,” Amber said. “It’s fun to be a part of all the change that happens and see the things you’ve been a part of.” 

But what keeps Amber coming back day after day isn’t just the work itself. It’s the team members she works with. 

“I work with great people,” Amber said. “They’re a good bunch; they’re a little crazy sometimes and that’s what makes it fun. And I just love how everyone pulls together and works together. There’s no competition—you don’t have to worry about who you work with, and everyone’s so supportive of each other.” 

John Hawkins, Amber’s father and Assistant Maintenance Manager at Geneva Rock, has been thrilled to see his daughter hard at work. 

“Things have worked out well,” John said. “I don’t get to see her that often, but she’s done a really good job in her different roles. She pays a lot of attention to details, really digs in. She really enjoys working for Geneva Rock and the opportunities she’s been given.” 

Despite her years of experience, Amber still faces difficulties in her role. But she takes them in stride. 

“There are always obstacles to overcome, but I love a challenge,” Amber said. “I love figuring things out and making things work. And I’m lucky to have great coworkers who are always willing to help out.” 

For Amber, Geneva Rock isn’t just a job, it’s a home away from home. And she’s proud to be a part of the company’s legacy. 

“I love it here,” Amber said. “It’s a great company to work for, and I’m lucky to be a part of it.”