For Frank Houston, finding a career at Geneva Rock began after changing his major at the University of Utah. 

“I started out wanting to be a doctor,” Frank said. “For the first year and a half of school, I really loved the anatomy and physiology courses I took. I enjoyed learning how the body worked, but I came to a realization that I couldn’t see myself working in a hospital and being happy surrounded by four walls. 

“In the summer of my sophomore year, I met a guy in my chemistry class majoring in mining engineering. It kind of intrigued me. I grew up on a ranch and have always loved equipment and working outside. Working with big equipment sounded pretty fun, so I started taking classes to become an engineer.” 

With graduation close by in May 2018, Frank decided to start applying for jobs. 

“A position popped up at Geneva Rock, and I thought it would be a good idea to give it a shot,” Frank said. “I ended up getting the job a little unexpectedly since this was the first job that I had applied for.” 

Frank began his career as a concrete materials engineer before working his way up to Area Manager of Quality Control and Technical Services, his current title. He appreciates the complexities of concrete that enable him to continue his pursuit of lifelong learning. 

“The cool thing about concrete is when you think you finally have it figured all out, you end up getting sideswiped and a completely new issue pops up,” Frank said. “I’m constantly trying to think on my feet. There are always problems out there to solve, and I get to be involved with finding resolutions to them, which I really enjoy.” 

Despite having already completed an undergraduate degree, Frank isn’t done with school yet. He has plans in place to get his professional license and work towards becoming a professional engineer. 

“After I accomplish that goal, I want to go back to school and get a master’s in business,” Frank said. “I’m really good with the technical side of things and understanding math and science and how all that works, but I think if I’m able to get a little bit more of a business understanding, I think that would be really beneficial to me in my career and help me be successful.” 

For now, Frank is content making a difference at Geneva Rock. 

“When I’m able to save a load of concrete or I’m able to make something more efficient or economic, that’s what I love,” Frank said. 

Geneva Rock and its parent company, Clyde Companies, understand the value that culture plays in a working environment. Frank has been able to see that value firsthand in his time with the company

“It’s hard to really put in words what the culture is like around here,” Frank said. “I work with some of the best people in industry, especially on the concrete side of things. The way that we sway and jive together in relation to everything makes for a great team environment. We all mesh so well together. 

“There are a lot of years of knowledge here at Geneva Rock, and that’s an invaluable resource for somebody young like me trying to grow into something and continually learn. I can’t imagine starting my professional career anywhere else.”