Geneva Rock has been a part of J.R. Hardman’s life for as long as he can remember. 

“My dad was a mixer driver in the Murray yard for 41 years,” J.R. said. “My grandfather worked for this company. I’ve had uncles, my brother, and even my wife started off working for Geneva Rock (she now works for Clyde Companies). It’s been a family thing for quite some time. This company has treated me and my family very well throughout my whole life.” 

After graduating from high school, a friend of J.R.’s dad, and a fellow Geneva Rock employee, asked when he would come and work for the company

“Up to that point, I thought you had to be 21 before you could work here,” J.R. said. “I hadn’t given it much thought before then. They hired me on as a laborer in the yard, and the rest is history.” 

J.R. spent time at several plants in the valley before an opportunity came to be a dispatcher in Park City. He did that for 20 years prior to taking on a plant manager role. Then, a brand new delivery and customer service manager position became available last October, and he jumped at the opportunity. 

“I do something that we’ve needed but never had,” J.R. said. “I take care of our mixer drivers at the Murray and West Valley plants, and I go to job sites and meet with customers. I’m 100% there for our drivers first and foremost. Our guys work hard for us. They do a great job, but there are a lot of different personalities. I always try to understand where everyone is coming from by listening more and talking less.” 

This career step has been particularly impactful for J.R. and his family. Even though his father retired from Geneva Rock six years ago, the news of his promotion was powerful to convey. 

“It was pretty special to be able to tell my dad that I was offered a management position in the plant that he worked at during his entire career,” J.R. said. “It made things a little more special when I realized it would in part be over the Murray plant.” 

As J.R. works with his employees in both Murray and West Valley, one of the biggest points of emphasis he has made has been on safety

“I want to make sure that I never lose someone in an accident,” J.R. said. “I really hope that never happens. To help get there, I have a goal to see both plants go a year without a single recordable. That’s a lofty goal, but we’ve worked to improve our safety around here quite a bit already. We have to constantly keep safety at the forefront of everyone’s minds as much as we can.” 

Geneva Rock knows that culture, including its emphasis on safety, is important to current team members and prospective employees. There’s a reason J.R. and so many of his relatives have been associated with the company for as long as they have. As one of the largest privately-held and family-owned companies, Clyde Companies treats all of its employees like family. 

“I’m not going anywhere anytime soon,” J.R. said. “Geneva Rock has been a major supporter of my life the entire time I’ve been alive. A career here is a very good way to support your family. The only thing you have to do is work hard and try your best every day. It’s very simple, and it’s a simple way to provide a nice lifestyle for your family.”