Scott Carter, a Journeyman Mechanic at Geneva Rock, has carved a niche for himself in machinery maintenance and repair. With a knack for welding, Scott has been instrumental in keeping the wheels turning, quite literally, at the Murray location. 

A Mechanic’s Journey 

The term journeyman mechanic implies a level of expertise attained through years of experience and in some cases, formal education. For Scott, it was a blend of both. 

“I started out as an apprentice and over the years worked my way up to being a journeyman,” Scott said. “I earned enough credits to get my associate degree in collision repair at Utah Valley University. I was planning on going back to get my bachelor’s in technology management, but I started working instead.” 

Though he had a brief departure in 2017 to explore a career in mortgage loans, the appeal of his mechanical work at Geneva Rock proved irresistible, and he returned after a year and a half. 

“I found out quickly that I don’t have the personality to be a salesman,” Scott said. “But I still do mortgage loans on the side now, which is a nice way to make a little extra money.” 

Mastering the Craft 

At Geneva Rock, Scott’s work mainly revolves around maintaining mixers and asphalt equipment. His passion is evident when he talks about the things he has built over the years. 

“What I enjoy doing here is mostly welding and fabricating,” Scott said. “It’s pretty cool to be able to see how much I’ve learned and how much better I’ve gotten. We’ve got some stuff around the shop that I built when I first started, and you can see the quality then versus the stuff I build now.” 

Scott also works extensively with Geneva Rock’s natural gas fleet of mixer trucks. The investment was made to help the company navigate towards cleaner energy solutions, shifting away from the traditional diesel and gas-powered equipment. 

“The Murray location is the only Geneva Rock location where we have a natural gas fleet of mixers,” Scott said. “They installed a custom compressor system and a fueling station for all the trucks here. I’ve enjoyed working on the fleet.” 

A Commitment to Excellence 

The work Scott does and the attitude he brings to the team has been recognized by his colleagues, including Andres Regalado and his supervisor, Clinton Dowland. 

“He is hardworking, very knowledgeable, and always willing to help people,” Andres said. “He always keeps himself busy and has a positive attitude.” 

“Scott’s just like one of the mixers he works on—tough, dependable, and always gets the job done,” Clinton said. “He knows how to make complex things look easy, and he never shies away from a challenge. He’s a go-to guy for anyone who needs help, and I appreciate his work ethic.” 

Through the hands of skilled individuals like Scott, Geneva Rock continues to fulfill its mission of Building a Better Community

“I love the construction industry and the guys that I work with; they’re all awesome,” Scott said. “Seeing how much things have evolved and how much the company has grown since I started, that’s been pretty cool.”