Shawni Clayton and DeDe Child have each taken unique paths to their roles at Geneva Rock. For the two sisters, the company has been more than just a workplace—it’s been the home of a stable, family environment. 

A Lifelong Journey of Growth for Shawni 

“Our dad worked for the company,” Shawni said. “He was the one who initially hired me 38 years ago. I also met my husband here, and we’ve been married since 1994. It’s been a great company to work for.” 

Today, Shawni plays a vital role as an administrative assistant for the Aggregates Division. Throughout her career she has transitioned through various roles, each providing distinct experiences in the construction industry. 

“When I started at Geneva Rock, I worked in the scale house at the mouth of Provo Canyon,” Shawni said. “That was my first job, and now I have returned back to my roots with aggregates.” 

Shawni’s role primarily involves ensuring accurate invoicing, entering quotes, and supporting her colleagues with various tasks. 

Building Lasting Friendships 

“The most rewarding part is the friends I’ve made along the way—lifetime friends,” Shawni said. “Being involved in their lives and having them be a part of mine has been incredibly rewarding. They’ve become like an extended family.” 

One friend she’s made along the way is Aggregates Dispatcher Brandi Moore. 

“Shawni has been here forever and has done what seems like nearly every job here at Geneva Rock,” Brandi said. “She is great at her job and is always willing to help with anything. I look up to her a lot. I love working with her!” 

DeDe’s Unexpected Dive into Continuous Improvement 

DeDe returned to Geneva Rock in 2022 after an earlier stretch from 1994 to 2001. Her decision to rejoin the company as a continuous improvement coordinator was fueled by a desire for stability and an opportunity to make a lasting impact. 

“I never in a million years thought that I would see a continuous improvement structure being laid out in a construction company,” DeDe said. “To feel like there was an opportunity to start something really cool here and reshape what construction looks like—that’s what inspired me to come back.” 

DeDe works across all divisions, helping identify areas for improvement while streamlining processes. Her role is the definition of Geneva Rock’s tagline, “Build Better,” and it encompasses everything from process mapping and waste reduction to training and development. 

“My days never look the same,” DeDe said. “I’m all over, connecting with team members from every part of the business. I enjoy building personal connections and learning about our team members before delving into the work. It’s incredibly rewarding to help create a quality experience for our team members.” 

Fitting in with Everyone 

Her supervisor, Jo Pendleton, who works as the Continuous Improvement Manager, has seen DeDe effortlessly connect with a diverse range of individuals since her return to the company, seamlessly fitting in with both truck drivers and executives alike. 

“DeDe’s innate ability to empathize allows her to understand the challenges people face, guiding them towards thought-out solutions for their lives and careers,” Jo said. “There’s an unmistakable sincerity in her concern for their well-being. DeDe’s openness, thoughtfulness, and knack for inspiring others bring out their true potential. Her drive for improvement is an integral part of who she is.” 

Working Together 

United in purpose, DeDe and Shawni continually infuse Geneva Rock with a dedication to get things done. 

Construction has always been seen as a tough, no-nonsense industry,” DeDe said. “But we want to show that there’s room for growth, efficiency, and excellence in everything we do. We want to reshape what construction looks like, and we’re determined to make this a better place for everyone.” 

Geneva Rock has provided Shawni and DeDe with stability, lasting friendships, and an abundance of memories. Driven by the passion and expertise of remarkable individuals like them, the company remains committed to Building a Better Community and embracing a strong future ahead.