Zac Rider’s years of experience in the construction industry have made him a master of his craft. Currently a Quality Control Field Tech at Geneva Rock, he is the go-to guy for anything related to quality control in Utah County. His love for his job is evident in the way he approaches his work. 

“When you’re dealing with something as critical as construction, there’s no room for error,” Zac said. “That’s why I’m always double-checking everything. I want to make sure that the work we’re doing is of the highest quality.” 

Zac’s role involves testing and analyzing the materials used in construction projects. He also performs on-site inspections to ensure that the work meets the required standards. His work is meticulous, and he pays attention to every detail to help Geneva Rock “Build Better.” 

It’s a role Zac didn’t anticipate having while growing up. After graduating from high school, his father encouraged him to find his own path. His family’s background was in manufacturing, but he decided to attend Utah Valley University and earn a degree in Construction Management. 

“After graduation, I learned a lot about Geneva Rock from my uncle, Russ Johnson, who just recently retired,” Zac said. “His truck was always in the neighborhood. One day I came into town and asked if the company had a lab to test material, which was something I was interested in. Sure enough, they did, so I put my resume in to be a lab tech.” 

After working as a lab tech for a few years, in 2017, Zac changed his role to work in quality control in the Ready-Mix Division. 

“Quality control is a critical aspect of any construction project,” Zac said. “It ensures that the finished product meets the required standards and specifications. My job is to make sure that happens.” 

Zac’s attention to detail and love for quality control has made him an invaluable asset at Geneva Rock. Frank Houston, Area Manager of Quality Control & Tech Services, believes Zac excels at his job because of his willingness to always stay positive. 

“Zac is an absolute rockstar,” Frank said. “He goes above and beyond pretty much every single day. He’s constantly looking out for the company and doing whatever needs to be done without even batting an eye. He has excellent troubleshooting skills and a lot of respect from the guys he works with.” 

Zac’s passion for quality control is contagious. He takes pride in his work and is always willing to share his knowledge with others, despite daily challenges. 

“I love what I do,” Zac said. “If I can help someone improve their work, then I feel like I’ve done my job. It can be tough sometimes, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. I know that what we’re doing is important.” 

Zac is a highly motivated and dedicated team member. He is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done right, and he takes pride in his work of Building a Better Community.

“I want to be the best at what I do,” Zac said. “That’s what drives me every day. I want to be known as the guy who always gets it right.”