By Jay Ritchie

This fall is an exciting time for all of us at Geneva Rock as we begin operations in the Black Rock Pit in northwestern Utah. We had been looking for the right pit in the area for some time to expand our business reach, and the stars aligned with this opportunity.

We couldn’t be more excited to get things rolling. This pit is important to the future of Geneva Rock as it not only provides us with a strategic area to mine aggregates, but over time, we’ll have ready-mix concrete and hot-mix asphalt available much closer to customers in the area. It’s really the complete package for us and will be an asset to those close by.

In this edition of Rock Solid our Division Manager of Aggregates, Scott Thayn, will discuss the Black Rock Pit more in depth. I think you’ll find it both interesting and informative.

Geneva Rock keeps moving forward and upward. We know that we couldn’t do it without each of you, so we don’t take for granted our relationships. We hope to continue to earn your business. We’ll do our part to ensure that we always “Build Better” and fulfill the Geneva Rock mission of Building a Better Community.