Asphalt pavement resurfacing on Mirror Lake Highway SR-150

The UDOT SR-150 project was designed to rehabilitate 2 sections of the Mirror Lake Highway. 

  • MP 16 to MP 25 – This 9-mile section of highway was resurfaced with a 1” thick layer (lane leveling) of 3/8” fine graded asphalt.  This process smoothed out and filled in the existing surface imperfections.  The gravel shoulders of the road had rutted and were rebuilt and graded prior to completing this work with a chip seal to preserve and seal the new surface. 
  • MP 48 to MP 54 (Utah/Wyoming border) – A new 2” layer of ½” HMA was placed on this 6-mile section of roadway.  Rutted gravel shoulders were re-built and graded, and a new chip seal was placed also to preserve and seal the new surface.  

New signs and striping were also added to both of these newly completed sections of the roadway. 

 Major work items for both these segments included: 

  • 10,000 tons of ½” HMA 
  • 5,000 tons of 3/8” fine HMA 
  • 240,000 SY Chip Seal