The Strawberry Sheep Creek project is a 23-mile segment of the 31.9-mile route that connects US-6 to US-40 through the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. This project is one of the most scenic and rewarding projects our company has worked on during the past 2 years. This project is arguably one of the most beautiful highways in the state of Utah!  

The project was executed in 3 segments:  

Segment 1

Converted a 12.24-mile section of old dirt road to a new 2-lane paved highway and included the most challenging aspects of the project. This segment crossed into both Utah and Wasatch Counties. Major work items included the following: 

  • Removing the old drainage pipes and installing 64 new crossings.   
  • Installation of 2 structural plate pipe arches, and re-establishing streambeds
  • 100,000 CY of roadway excavation and embankment
  • 40,000 tons of HMA 
  • 58,000 tons of aggregate base 

Segment 2 

Starting at US-6 and extending for 7 miles was a worn-out stretch of paved roadway.  Maintenance on this section had been minimal, and it needed to be repaired and re-surfaced.  Improvements to this segment include patching existing asphalt, crack sealing, ditch reconditioning, and chip seal.  The objective for this segment was to extend the life of the existing roadway. 

Segment 3 

This section began at Strawberry Reservoir and extended 3.75 miles towards US-40.  A 1-mile portion of this existing paved roadway was crumbling, and beyond repair, as a result, it was pulverized, re-graded, and re-paved with new asphalt.  The remaining parts of this were crack sealed and chip sealed, providing a new and improved surface for motorists.